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Jan 2016

As has been eluded to in the forums by others, we are transitioning to MIgaming. CMW has long been associated with only dyn00mite being able to run things which literally hasn't been true for a while. We want to focus now on decentralizing the group more, as well as, venturing into other games. Since we needed to use new 'software' and a new website, we decided to change the name and do a complete overhaul. The BF Lead and admins are on board, the Rust admins and Lead are on board, and we have others interested in pushing into Squad and Dayz. We are retaining all the servers, databases, teamspeak, admin tools/settings, perks system, everything. Just new group new, new website (layout and design will be updated after we stabilize). You can see the new group and website...

Jan 2016

We are rolling over into a new system. In order to complete this we had to use a new paypal account. So, we have cancelled all donations to ensure you don't keep donating to the wrong account. More information to come tomorrow.

As for perks, your perks will remain in place for now. We are going to give some extra time on perks to ensure that you have more than 28 days to re-establish a donation, if you wish. This also prevents you from donating twice in one month.

Jan 2016

We have had repeated issues with our donations system not showing us an invoice on donors. Until this issue is resolved we are suspending new donations. Existing donations shouldn't be effected.



Nov 2015

Though we are a completely open group, **member tags** will only be given out to those who show active dedication over time. Allowing us to get to know you and vice versa. We take great pride in our community. We're inclusive and we encourage all those who wish to associate with the group to make an introduction post on our forums and tell us a little bit about yourself. After that, hop on our team speak (cmwgaming.com) and say hello! We look forward to hearing from you.

Playing With Us:

•No hacking. If you've hacked in another game we will find it and will banish you from our community. Please do not even join our group if you've been banned for cheating.

•Please be act...

Aug 2015
In an effort to consolidate communication methods we've gone from 3 steam groups down to 1.

Join the Steam group by visiting: http://Steam.CMWgaming.com. You'll be taken directly to the group... hopefully that URL should hopefully be easy enough to remember... right? The top menu bar has also be updated to reflect this (and other) change.

You should also be able to invite friends to join this group. Give it a try. Can members invite?