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Nov 2015

Though we are a completely open group, **member tags** will only be given out to those who show active dedication over time. Allowing us to get to know you and vice versa. We take great pride in our community. We're inclusive and we encourage all those who wish to associate with the group to make an introduction post on our forums and tell us a little bit about yourself. After that, hop on our team speak (cmwgaming.com) and say hello! We look forward to hearing from you.

Playing With Us:

•No hacking. If you've hacked in another game we will find it and will banish you from our community. Please do not even join our group if you've been banned for cheating.

•Please be act...

Aug 2015
In an effort to consolidate communication methods we've gone from 3 steam groups down to 1.

Join the Steam group by visiting: http://Steam.CMWgaming.com. You'll be taken directly to the group... hopefully that URL should hopefully be easy enough to remember... right? The top menu bar has also be updated to reflect this (and other) change.

You should also be able to invite friends to join this group. Give it a try. Can members invite?

Jul 2015
We are opening up Rust volunteer admin positions. For those interested please read our documentation and consider applying.
Volunteers within our Rust community can make a huge difference to the quality of game play and experience our guests have... They could also ruin it. Potential admins should want to volunteer to help ensure a fun, fair, and pleasant experience for all players on the server. Volunteers will be recognized and work in small teams of other players.

Our policy for server administration has always been to be as "hands off" as possible. Espe...

May 2015
Thanks to very talented developers (not possible without PapaCharlieNiner, ColColonCleaner & imisnew2), we now have the ability to ensure all players who are connected to our TeamSpeak and are active in one of our BF4 / BFH game servers are protected from Auto Balance, VIP kicks, & Ping kicks.

The sole purpose for this initiative is to foster community involvement. It's simply more fun playing with others without having to be worried about being team swapped or kicked when a VIP joins. So to ensure our friends have the best experience possible: simply join TeamSpeak and play with everyone!. That's it.

Here's how it works:
  • When ready to play on a CMW Battlefield server join our public TeamSpeak server...

Apr 2015
Me and Magiclawnmower will be doing some Close quarter domination in bf3. THIS IS WHERE I KNEW about CMW. want to join us? Just get in my STREAMING CHANNEL. Everyone is welcome and We will join a server of CQD only.