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Mar 2015

Donation Team Volunteer Position

You are requesting a volunteer position for the Donation Team which is responsible for applying and removing game perks along side of ensuring support is provided for donation issues within the Private Donation Discussion section on the forums. There is a schedule for all team members with particular 'on' and 'off' days. We ask that you volunteer at least 2-3 hours a week of your time. All new applicants will go through our normal application process with a final 1 on 1 interview for potential candidates to be conducted via Google Hangouts on webcam.

Mar 2015
we currently have hardcore conquest, normal conquest, and hardcore hotwire...

We could add mixed server? Heist/Hotwire/Bloodmoney, or just one of the other game modes? You want it? Help us seed it!

Mar 2015
Sometime in the next 3 days (likely sooner) we will be switching TeamSpeak hosts. If you currently connect using ts.CMWgaming.com you shouldn't have to do anything different or update your bookmarks. There should only be a few moments of downtime.

If you find you're not able to connect to our TeamSpeak server you can try waiting several minutes for your DNS cache to be updated or you can quickly flush your DNS entries following this Microsoft guide:


To volunteers: As of right now (09:30) this will be the current version that is switched over. An...

Jan 2015
It's that time again where we're recruiting individuals who are able to help volunteer within the group. The two main areas we're looking to fill:
  • BF4 Server Admin
  • BF4 Server Seeder / Starter

BF4 Server Admin:

Applications accepted until Jan 31st.
20 posts required on forum.
Server perks & group recognition for all volunteers.

Right off the bat we are primarily looking for server admins on servers OTHER than #1. If you primarily play on server #1, HC all maps server, please do not apply at this time. All servers EXCEPT #1 are in need of admin volunteers and we wish to find active v...

Dec 2014
To bring in the New Year with a bang, we are extremely excited to announce that all CMW tag-wearing members are eligible for VIP across all BF4 servers for an entire month! Normally server perks are exclusively reserved for donors and volunteers so it's wonderful that we're able to offer this member-only benefit.

Also to bring in the new year we've significantly revamped our donation structure. All Level 4 donors and above now receive VIP across all servers. One $20 donation grants VIP & Team Balance protection across all 9 CMW BF4 servers!