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Nov 2014
Tonight at 7PM ET we will be making several behind the scenes changes to all of our BF4 servers. For this change we need to restart each server. Your help is needed for max of 1 hour!

Starting at 7PM ET tonight we begin restarting servers one at a time. Once the server comes back up we will all be joining that server to help with population. Once it reaches a sustainable level we will be immediately switching to the next server. This will go on until all servers have been restarted, which will take less than 1 hour.

Hop on TeamSpeak just before 7PM and we will get started. Should be a blast... last time we did this we were able to just mess around a bit when the servers came back up.

Nov 2014
Hello guys:

Tuesday November 18, 10:pm EST!!!!

This is an impromptu battleroyale!

Only Melee weapons which EXCLUDE AXES, Garden hoes, and Sledge HammerS NO BRASS KNUCKLES!!!! NO GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All other Melee weapons allowed.

Cooking pots, frying pans and Cattle Prod's encouraged!!! Other melee weapons encouraged: pitchforks, baseball bats, can openers, screw drivers, any lower damage yielding weapon.

Last person to log off is the winner (I.e. this can go on for hours if people keep running back!). I.e. You can respawn as many times as u WANT to get back into the fight!

Location: Electro!!

Nov 2014
Ok guys we have a cevo match this wednesday at 10pmEST If you are interested in playing you need to make a post here ASAP!

Nov 2014

All tag-wearing CMW members are eligible for Priority / VIP & Balance protection on CMW BF4 Rush #2.

Do you find yourself waiting in a queue to join a CMW game server? We've got a solution for you... for a limited time all CMW tag-wearing members are eligible for priority VIP access & balance protection on our #2 Rush server. Unlike all of our other servers, ag...

Nov 2014
Today we had a Battlelog outage where we saw multiple hours of downtime. The nerd rage was strong on the Battlelog Forums and many names were called and mom jokes told. CMW weathered the storm on our TeamSpeak quietly waiting for the DICE Gods to bless us with game time.

We were monitoring the situation and offering virgin sacrifices and were able to restart the game servers literally the moment Battlelog came back online. At roughly 2:40 Central that time came. This caused an influx of hungry gamers to connect to our servers in mass! At one point we saw full queues of 20 people across multiple servers. The Battlelog had blessed us all. We could play again.

It was in this moment that I realized the demand for servers was greater than the total number of servers ava...