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Dec 2014
Who: CMW members only

What: PayDay 2 on Steam

Where: forums

When: Starting now until New Year's Eve (December 31st)

Why: Because I have never given back to the community and this is my attempt to do so?

How to Win: I will use a random number generator to pick a number from 1 to 200

So just post below with a number, you are allo...

Dec 2014
In the past we have had mini map enabled on our several of our servers and the general reception was positive with the vast majority wanting the mini map enabled. Negative feedback mostly centered around having a minimap enabled on Rush due to constant commander spam. So, even though commander is gone for Rush, this topic / poll will be strictly for non-rush servers.

Benefits of mini map enabled:
  • Will be similar to nearly every prior Battlefield game.
  • The commander will have a significant role to play.
  • Gadgets will now be useful (T-ugs, MAV, scan, etc)

Dec 2014


Counting over the past 3 weeks we have calculated our active seeders. The names which meet the minimum seeding requirements were:

1to25 C0DE_3
26to39 stupidkoala
40to52 xAncient_Druidx
53to64 dyn00mite
65to71 propriocep...

Dec 2014

As for now, I am no longer leading the scrim team. I will be creating a team dedicated strictly to a Competition game play only. All things scrim team related will be on hold until we can find a new leader. (Your flair will be removed until the new leader decides what to do with it) This is to ensure people are not signing up just to receive the flair next to their name. Those who had the scrim team flair will be the first ones looked at to join the Competition Team. This is an invite only group of guys that are representing CMW against the best teams in the world. I will always be actively recruiting for the Competition Team but only the best and brightest will be asked to join. This is an elite group of CMW BF4 players. This team will NOT u...

Nov 2014
Hello guys:

Tuesday November 18, 10:pm EST!!!!

This is an impromptu battleroyale!

Only Melee weapons which EXCLUDE AXES, Garden hoes, and Sledge HammerS NO BRASS KNUCKLES!!!! NO GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All other Melee weapons allowed.

Cooking pots, frying pans and Cattle Prod's encouraged!!! Other melee weapons encouraged: pitchforks, baseball bats, can openers, screw drivers, any lower damage yielding weapon.

Last person to log off is the winner (I.e. this can go on for hours if people keep running back!). I.e. You can respawn as many times as u WANT to get back into the fight!

Location: Electro!!