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Oct 2014

THEY'RE BOTH (almost) OVER 9,000!

Last night your Seed Lead and I were looking at some seeding items and I happened across the rounds played leader board. Going down the list of names we first see our very own Seed Leed stupidkoala at position 16 with over 10,000 rounds played and then code 3 at position 31 with over 8800... nearing that 9,000 mark. Just incredible!

These two dedicated

Sep 2014
It's with great pleasure that we're able to announce that stupidkoala is the group's Seed Leader!

You've no doubt seen StupidKoala (and heard his birds!) around the group in tons of different places. No matter if it's BF admin, donations, or streaming... he makes his presence known. He has volunteered his time, and experience, to take on the lead role for all CMW BF seeding activities. Even before there was an official 'seed lead' position Koala had been at the front leading the group's seeding activities. I'm sure the seeding guys are in good hands.

Thank you koala!

Sep 2014
We had a GREAT turn out for BF4 Wednesday Event Night. Yesterday's event was Zombie Night. We had roughly 25 members and guests partake in the ~1hr long zombie event. Wednesday events will be a RECURRING event. Each and every Wednesday we will have some type of event. Show up at 8 PM East / 7PM Central and there WILL be something happening.

Barring a few hiccups, overall I think the event turned out well and everyone who participated had a fun time. We started pretty much right on time about ~7 minutes past 7PM central.

Few items to take away from the event:
  • Exploding grenades are still not allowed (lol).
  • Some confusion on if the Zombies should be able to use s...

Sep 2014
I must say this was a very close game. Out of 1600 tickets total we lost by a little over 100 tickets. I think you guys played good, we just couldn't pull it through. We will bounce back from this!

The BF4 Scrim Team is open to all CMW members. You can read more about the scrim team or apply to join now. It's a lot of fun and we're always looking for new players. Give it a shot!

Sep 2014
Just to make a quick post:

The event for next week will be ZOMBIE MODE. Details on the Calendar or at the event details page.